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Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems – problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you’re at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.


Myths About AngerTeen11

  • It’s not okay to feel angry.
  • Anger is a waste of time and energy.
  • Good, nice people don’t feel angry.
  • You shouldn’t feel angry when you do.
  • You’ll lose control and go crazy if you get angry.
  • People will go away if you get angry with them.
  • Other people should never feel anger towards you.
  • If others get angry at you, you must have done something wrong.
  • If other people are angry with you, you made them feel that way and, you are responsible for fixing their feelings.
  • If you feel angry, someone else made you feel that way and that person is responsible for fixing your feelings.
  • If you feel angry at someone, the relationship is over and that person has to go away.
  • If you feel angry at someone, you should punish that person for making you feel angry.
  • If you feel angry at someone, that person has to change what he or she is doing so you don’t feel angry anymore.
  • If you feel angry, you have to hit someone or break something.
  • If you feel angry, you have to shout and holler.
  • If you feel angry at someone, it means you don’t love that person anymore.
  • If someone feels angry at you, it means that person doesn’t love you anymore.
  • Anger is a sinful emotion.
  • It’s okay to feel angry only when you can justify your feelings.

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