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We are a Welcoming Place

You may come to us with questions. You might even be afraid. We will create a safe and welcoming place for you to explore your questions, options, and needs. Envision believes in client-centered counselling. You decide what issues you will work on. We won’t force you to do something you’re not ready for; we’ll build on your strengths. Counsellors also give support in the areas of safety, empowerment, self-esteem, assertiveness, healthy expressions of feelings, coping strategies, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

We believe that counselling represents an opportunity for personal growth and for recognizing unique qualities, abilities, and strengths that enable individuals to see their true potential. Counselling represents an opportunity for personal growth and for recognizing unique qualities, abilities, and strengths that enable individuals to see their true potential. Counsellors are trained to be trustworthy, non-judgmental, and to maintain confidentiality.

Our Counselling Programs Will Cover:

Individual Counselling

Through our Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Program, we provide counselling for individuals affected by abuse, including survivors of sexual assault, adult male and female survivors of childhood abuse, spousal assault (domestic violence), dating violence, stalking/harassment, older person abuse, and family violence.  You do not have to be physically abused to seek services.  80% of our clients come in for counselling as a result of other forms of abuse (IE. emotional or verbal abuse). We also offer support to individuals who are in supportive roles to the survivor, such as parents, partners, relatives, and friends, as they may be affected by the abuse as well.

When you come to Envision, you may not know what’s wrong but you know something is not right with how you’re feeling. We help those whose lives have been impacted by abuse whether it be emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual. We also offer support groups for individuals who have had similar experiences.

We welcome men or women seeking support in the following areas:

  • Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  • Survivors of Sexual Assault
  • Survivors of Stalking/Harassment
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Parent/Teen Conflict
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Communication in Relationships

Our focus is your happiness and well-being. We’ll work together to help you feel better.

Family Counselling

Through our Family Intervention Program we provide immediate assessment, support, and crisis counselling to individuals, couples and families experiencing an event or situation that is overwhelming or traumatic for the family. Our goal is to strengthen you and your family unit by empowering family members to improve the quality of their personal and family lives.

Your family may suddenly experience an event or situation that is overwhelming or traumatic. These challenges include marital breakdown, separation or divorce, parent and child disputes, blended family struggles, loss and grief, and more. We provide a non-judgemental place where a counsellor will listen, offer support, and help develop a plan to move forward. Through therapeutic counselling for couples and families, we can help to stabilize your family and strengthen your relationships with each other.

Children, Youth, and Teen Counselling

Through our Children Exposed to Violence Program we provide individual counselling for children and youth aged 5-18 who have witnessed violence, as well as parenting support for caregivers of children and youth.  Children Exposed to Violence refers to children who see, hear, or are aware of violence and abuse. Whether listening to yelling and threats in the home, being bullied online or while on the playground, or fleeing a war-torn homeland, children are directly as well as indirectly affected by violence.

Envision offers help to children, youth, and teens – aged 5 to 18 – who have been exposed to violence. Many of these children feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to in a safe and supportive environment. Parent support is also offered through this program. We also work in partnership with schools to provide counselling, support, and groups.

Contacting Envision:

You can contact us at one of our four offices located in Southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00. Alternatively, use our “Ask a Counsellor” button located throughout our site. Rest assured that one of our counsellors will be the only one to see your message, and will reply to you in a timely manner.

Once you decide to contact Envision, the counselling process begins with an initial intake interview. In the first session the counsellor will ask about the issues and discuss possible options.

The number of sessions clients attend, depends on the nature of the problem, the clients’ reception to change, type of therapy, and many other variables.

There are no fees for our counselling services, as we are a community-based organization funded by the Ministries of Justice, Ministry of Social Services, United Way, and private donations.

Privacy and Confidentiality – These are key concepts of counselling and must be protected at all costs. Envision Counselling and Support Centre Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We do not release client names or information under any circumstances unless required by law and we do not subscribe to caller I.D.

However, we are obligated to report cases such as the following:
* Child neglect or abuse is suspected or known.
* Someone’s life is threatened or endangered.
* Court order or subpoena.

Referrals – No referral is necessary for retaining counselling services at Envision Counselling and Support Centre. Referrals for counselling may be given by lawyers, educators, courts, and/or healthcare professionals. Individuals may self-refer by calling the office in Estevan, Weyburn, or Carlyle during office hours.

Cancellation Policy – Envision Counselling and Support Centre requests that clients inform their counsellors as soon as possible if they need to change or cancel their appointment. Sessions are required to be cancelled at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment time. We understand when circumstances arise and prevent you from making your scheduled appointment, but we ask that you consider the person who would have been able to have that session time.

What to Expect From Counselling:

  • Knowledge and understanding about the issue.
  • Learn coping strategies and your strengths.
  • Practical information, resources, and tools to help with the issue at hand.
  • Discussions of all your options, exploring your goals, and assistance developing an action plan.
  • Referrals to specialized agencies if needed to better support you.
  • A plan for ongoing support, after counselling has ended.

We Provide:

  • Crisis intervention, general support, information, referrals, and ongoing counselling to individuals affected by domestic and/or family violence.
  • Individual counselling to individuals struggling with family violence issues including past sexual abuse.
  • Advocacy and referral options to help connect individuals and families with specialized community resources, based on specific client needs.
  • Information regarding healthy ways to resolve a crisis to avoid prolonged family, social, and psychological problems.
  • Education to create an awareness of choices, enables family members to move past the crisis, and ensure the crisis will not be prolonged.
  • Personal development in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, coping strategies, problem solving, and goal setting.
  • Tools for individuals and families to increase healthy interaction within daily relationships.
  • Support groups and educational workshops.